We believe that Liquid Lever irrigation systems are greatly improved on most other drip irrigation systems that are available elsewhere. The highlights of our systems are that they are adjustable, fed by gravity, and can use any water supply to irrigate your plants.

  • Any water type.Because Liquid Lever irrigation systems do not need to be connected to a mains water supply to operate, we were able to develop them to operate using any type of water. This means that the system can be connected to a rainwater harvesting water butt, or via a gutter diverter, again, making the systems environmentally-friendly. Remember that plants thrive when irrigated with rainwater. Please note that we do not advise that you irrigate with saline (salty) water, or water containing harsh chemicals, as this may destroy your plants.
  • Gravity fed.Although other gravity fed irrigation systems (from an elevated tank) do exist elsewhere, they are less common than more traditional systems which often use mains water. Operating under gravity means that the irrigation kits do not require an energy source (such as electricity) to power them, making them much more eco-friendly. They can therefore operate away from a traditional mains water source.
  • Adjustable.You have complete control over how your system works, including the volume of water flow, and the spacing in between plants, as well as being able to irrigate individual plants with different volumes of water depending on their requirements, meaning that you can grow a variety of different plants.
Yes, Liquid Lever irrigation systems have been designed to be competely adjustable around the user's requirements. For our 5mm bore hose kits, you can choose the spacing between SqueezeMe2™ Emitters (water outlets) depending on your plant layout so you can make the system work for the plants that you have and space available. This is also possible with our 13mm bore hoses using our handheld Hole Punch. Our standard 13mm bore hose systems are supplied as standard with 300mm hole spacings for the emitters. You also have a choice over the water flow at each individual SqueezeMe2™ Emitter (water outlet) as each emitter can be set to its own flow level, meaning that either drip or trickle irrigation is possible, allowing for a variety of different plants to be irrigated according to their growing needs within the same drip kit layout. You can also choose the elevation height of the water butt or tank, to suit your requirements and availability. If you prefer a tried and tested approach, we offer a suggested layout of the system to optimise water flow.
Liquid Lever offers two ranges of drip kit – 5mm bore and 13mm bore. The smaller systems are designed to irrigate smaller plants (Plant Drip Kit), so that you can irrigate flowers, and fruit and vegetables. We also offer larger kits that irrigate larger plants such as trees, shrubs, and vines.
The 5mm bore system refers the system of smaller hoses and fittings which are supplied as standard in the Plant Drip Kits, along with a Uni-Tank Connector Kit e.g. for salad crops. The 13mm bore system of hoses and fittings are supplied as standard in the larger kits, along with the Four Way Tank Connector. The difference is that the system of 13mm hoses and fittings allows for a much greater volume of water to flow to your trees, shrubs, and vines for example 1 litre per plant per day.
For all 5mm bore hose kits – a tank elevation of 0.2 to 0.5 metres is usually sufficient. Our 13mm bore kits starting at 300 Plant work from 0.5 to 1 metre tank height and our 500 Plant Kits operate from a 1 metre high tank elevation. For 1,000 Plant Kits and upwards (e.g. 4,000 Plant) 1.5 to 2.5 metres tank elevation is sufficient. If you increase the height of the tank or water butt, this will increase the pressure and increase the volume of water flow. Conversely, lowering the water-head will decrease the pressure, and therefore the water flow will be reduced.
You can increase the water flow by increasing the water-head (by increasing the height of the water in the tank and/or increasing the height of the tank or water butt). Alternatively, you could reduce the number of emitters in the system, if this is practical.
Liquid Lever hoses are quite different to most currently available for purchase elsewhere. Our hoses are rubbery and very flexible – made from TPE polymer. This makes them very convenient to handle as they can be cut with scissors and readily laid out in long straight lines on the ground. There are additional benefits such as the fact that the hoses fit around all the fittings, which means that there is no reduction in internal bore size throughout the entire system (the secret to why our kits do not block!). Being rubbery also means that the hoses can be pinched which distorts the water flow and will remove any air bubbles trapped in the system when you first set it up.
Liquid Lever works closely with two water tank manufacturers in Kenya whom are long established and supply a wide range of tanks at very competitive prices. Many customers have their own water tanks already.
We have designed a Crank Handle Drill for drilling into thin wall plastic tanks. This drills the two hole sizes required for our 5mm bore and 13mm bore tank connectors/drip systems. Stage 1 of the drilling process makes a 12mm hole which is the perfect size for the Uni-Tank Connector (5mm bore system) as part of the 30 Plant and 60 Plant Drip Kit, while Stage 2 of the drilling process makes a 38mm hole which is perfect for the Four Way Tank Connector for the 13mm bore kits. And the 12mm cutting bit is suitable for drilling a hole near the top of the tank to push through and retain the top end of the Sight Tube.
You can use a spare Straight Connector (5mm or 13mm depending on the size of the hose) to act as a 'bandage' to fix your system. With scissors or a knife cut out the damaged hose, leaving you with two open ends of hose. Simply push the two open ends of hose back together again with the spare Straight Connector in between.
Liquid Lever products have been in development for over 8 years. The products are designed to withstand a range of temperatures, and to be suitable for a wide range of environments. There are also further products that are currently still in development which will be launched at a later stage. Some of the products may seem simple to look at, however the engineering of each individual component has been optimised to make the customer's journey as easy as possible. We believe that we have thought of every step of the irrigation set-up, but if you have any further suggestions then please email us on info@liquidleverkenya.com.